The Other Shoe…

On October 7th I became a university graduate, finally!

In total it took:

10 years

Several grey hairs

3 places of residence

Thousands of dollars

Too many damn books

A lot of beer

3 best friends

2 kids

and 1 good husband to get me through it. Now that I am through with this chapter of my life, I wonder, where will I end up next?

For the next year, nothing major will change (hmm, or will it?). We have decided I will stay home with the girls for another year and either go back to work or start grad school (should I get accepted) next fall when our oldest starts kindergarten (gasp!). So, now, I have nothing to distract me from being a mother. No job (other than the obvious), no courses, no papers to write, no chapters to read. The only thing I am committed to doing this next year, aside from teaching my monkeys how to be people, is work on writing more and developing a short story I wrote earlier in the year. Now, the only trouble is, when will I find time to do such a thing? Its funny, but the more time I have on my hands, the harder I find it to keep on top of things and keep my priorities straight.

Currently I am waiting to hear if my story has been accepted by the literary journal my creative writing professor suggested. I feel unable to get myself working on this piece until I hear something from someone, good or bad. Is it good?  Does anyone else think so? Is it horrible, juvenile and in need of a major overhaul, such as provided by the trash bin? I shouldn’t be waiting for feedback from anyone and be working on my merry little way, but I think I need someone to tell me to continue in one direction or another. Maybe its writers block and I don’t have anything else to write, perhaps it is self-doubt. Perhaps I will have a quiet afternoon soon to sit down and find out.



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