Then Comes Marriage…

Let me preface this by saying, I wasn’t married when I had my children. My husband and I decided to get married when I was pregnant with our second child and we were married when she was about 8 months old. I felt very proud to have my children with me on such a special day. Now, if my oldest daughter meets someone who is married, but has no children, she asks me, “Why did they get married if they didn’t have any kids?” I love her associations between marriage and children and hope her perspective never becomes tainted, or that she begins to think that her father and I got married because we had her, or that she is somehow illegitimate. All these things are why this book irritates me so much:

Yes, it looks innocent enough. Let me show you why I hate it so much:

See how big that ring is?

Aren’t Mommy and Daddy’s rings pretty! & Gigantic!

Maybe they just have really small tiny hands…

I don’t object to the fact that the author chose the make it appear that the parents are married, but do the rings have to be so damn big? I mean really, these rings just scream “WE ARE MARRIED!” and it makes me want to throw up in my mouth just a little. Why make them so obvious? Is it just artistic license or some more judgmental and sinister? I for one found it very exclusive and bothersome when I was doing potty training for girls, poor little unmarried me. Was I somehow less of a mother because I didn’t have a gold band on my finger? Another question: why do my kids love this damn book so much? If it wasn’t really helping them learn to go potty I would have tossed it a long time ago.



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