Don’t throw the baby out the window…

So, I am on vacation with my kids. Fun, yes? Mostly. Thanks to some foresight, wine, and lots of patience. I have traveled a lot with kids and will now share some of my hard earned wisdom.

10 Things You Absolutely MUST Have/Do:

1. Carry treats in your purse.

2. Bring a netbook, dvd player, ipod or iphone with videos for the kids.

3.  Bring some some headphones made for kids a headphone splitter if you have more than one kid.

4. Pick one toy for each child to bring on the trip. My girls brought their ‘doctor puppies’ and tag reader.

5. Think about food and bring anything your kid absolutely loves that you might have a hard time finding. If I am traveling somewhere remote, I always bring Ranch dressing and Nutritional Yeast (I know, weird, my youngest loves it on toast).

6. Bring some paper and crayons, they always come in handy in restaurants, on airplanes, or on rainy days.

7. I brought my Nyrius Media Fusion TV Dock. Being on vacation can be hard work and kids need to rest or you may want a movie night. This dock is very small and portable and will play anything that will play on your iphone or ipod onto your tv. It also plays .avi files from your USB. Genius! I also plug in my card reader to show the kids our photos and home movies.

8. If you have long plane rides or car trips, you absolutely have to bring a small pillow, blanket and stuffed animal (not for you, for your kids!). It makes the kids feel safe and gives them something to snuggle on long trips.

9. I always travel with Tylenol Meltaways and Gravol suppositories. I usually end up using at least one of them. The suppository won’t make you popular, but will do the trick.

10. Last, but not least, Patience. Lots and lots of patience. Kids get tired and say crazy things like “I don’t want to go to the beach again.” Remember that kids don’t get that you only have one week and want to cram in as much fun as possible.


Happy travels!



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