I Got a New Girl Now…

Becoming a mom was certainly one of the best decisions I ever made. However, I do at times mourn the life I left behind.

One thing that has become apparent lately is how different my friendships have become. After years of having to decline invitations from my ‘old’ friends due to nursing or sick or clingy babies, I am seldom invited along on Girl’s Nights and have to be content to enjoy seeing their faces and pictures together on Facebook.

The only pre-baby friends I see regularly are my two former roommates whom I lived (aka cried, drank wine, and talked about boys excessively) with during university. I love them dearly and cherish their friendship. One of them lives quite close to me to me now and has a son close in age to my girls. I love that they are all becoming friends and play with each other regularly.

I never realized what a strong social lubricant children can be. After having my first baby, I made friends quickly with other new moms in my neighbourhood. As with lubricant, these relationships can be slippery. Kids can keep you very busy, and it can be hard to keep up friendships. The great thing is that we are all in the same boat. No one judges anyone else if they have to cancel dinner due to a sick child or simply because it had been a long week and everyone was tired.

I have three especially wonderful momma friends (you know who you are E, J, & L) whom I love very much and thank my lucky stars I have such wonderful women to talk to. We are lucky to live close together and make time to see each other almost every week for either Hump Day Cocktails or late Friday dinners. It is my favourite time of the week.




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