Momma’s Hitting the Books

So, remember when I said here that I might apply to graduate school?

Well, I did.

It took me 3 weeks, 2 friends, and 1 husband to finish my application.

3 weeks to obsessively edit my short essay, 2 friends from the faculty I applied to look over said application, and 1 husband to give me the inside scoop on what people look for in graduate students and the encouragement to apply in the first place.

6 excruciating weeks later, I received an email from the school. Short and sweet, it said, “Yes! We love you! Please join our program!” or something like that.

So, now come September, I will be a full-time student again. My oldest will be in kindergarten and my youngest will join the ranks of full-time daycare.

Oh my, what will I do with myself? I have a few months to prepare to re-join the adult world, I wonder if I can still wear my yoga pants to school?



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