Do you yell at your kids?

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UPDATE: I am so glad I read this article yesterday. I had been trying to make an concerted effort not to yell at my kids but was slowly get back to my old tricks. I don’t want to yell at them, I was yelled at as a kid sometimes and I can still remember how horrible it was and how it made me feel.

I want my house to be a happy, relatively happy one. I think taking yelling out of the equation will help keep the peace. Also, here is another great article about yelling written by Amy Wilson over at Mother Load.

I love Babble. Overall, I have found it a great website for parenting forums, information, etc. However, lately I have found several articles trying to hard to be controversial and almost exploitative of the admissions, choices, and opinions many of us have about parenting.

I did, however, appreciate this article by Emily Rosenbaum titled, I Yell at My Kids Way Too Much: What can I do? It was honest, frank, and helpful on many levels. If you have ever found yourself yelling at your kids too much, or want to find a way to stop, please check out this article.

To see how I finally figured out how to stop yelling at my kids see my post Sad Hearts in a Jar.



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