10 Things Laundry Taught Me

1. Never wash your napkins with your gym clothes.

2. Washing a disposable diaper by mistake will ruin your whole day.

3. Front loading washing machines are bullshit.

4. Don’t place valuable or fragile items on top of the stacked washer/dryer and set your spin cycle on ‘High’

5. Don’t pull out your washer unless you have all day to clean up all the crap you will find there.

6. You will find $20 or a dead mouse back there.

7. Crayons in pockets are something to be feared.

8. Your husband will leave kleenex in his pocket, every time.

9. Don’t fold the kid’s clothes. Just shove them in the drawers. They don’t care and wrinkly clothes are not a good reason to call CPS.

10. Putting your little brother in the dryer and turning it on is a bad idea and clearly demonstrates a lack of judgement.



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