Hangashore Momma: Notes Found in Books

Hangashore: In Canada, specifically in Newfoundland, people refer to the men who don’t work or sit around, as a “hangashore”. This makes reference to the main way of earning an income on the Rock: fishing.

Eh there bai, that Johnny Crackins is one hell of a hangashore, he hadn’t worked TREE days in his life!!

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A few weeks ago my girls and I picked through the books at Value Village. Well, actually Lala and I did, little Em likes to play with the jewelry conveniently displayed next to the books. Just as we were about to leave little Em grabbed a book off the shelf and tossed it in the basket.

I love kids books about the East Coast. You don’t come across them very often, so this was a real score. One that Em pulled off that the last second. Nicely done, Em.

We didn’t get around to reading it until last night.


This is Sailor, a Newfoundland dog. He lives with Ike and Ike's family in Twillingate, Newfoundland.

Fairly boring, standard intro. But, it was the page that caught my attention. Not the text, but the child’s writing below it.

It is a little hard to read but it says:

“I don’t have a mom anymore because the one taking care of me hates me”

I stopped cold, reading it over and over in my head. Lala tapped me on the shoulder, “You going to read it, Momma?” Little Em poked me in the cheek, pointing at the book, “Read it!”

I looked at my little girls and pulled them a little closer. A hangashore mom, that’s what this “one” was. Someone who “takes care” of her kids, but doesn’t love them. It was hard not to cry while I read the rest of the book. I imagined the little boy or girl who must have written this note. Old enough to write, old enough to know his/her mom hated them. Writing this note for for someone to see, someone to know.

I searched the rest of the book for more writing, a name, anything. There was nothing. just this sad, short little note to the world that they were hated. Not loved. Living with a hangashore.




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