God hates Momma

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My edition of Wednesday Words of Wisdom is late, for several reasons.

First, I was busy today and yesterday, taking children to movies and enjoying the one day we have had lately where there was no rain.

Second, I was angry. Heart pounding, stomach sick kind of angry. And I was sad.

Third, there was no wisdom to be found.

Yesterday, I received an email from a friend and neighbour that she had sent out to alert the community that Hate was afoot. The school district I live in has decided to pass a policy to prevent bullying and discrimination directed at homosexuals, transgendered individuals, or anyone who identifies outside the standard accepted norms of sexuality and gender. This will be the 13th district to institute such a policy.

The reason she wrote me, and others, was to let us know that there was a faction of parents lobbying the school board against passing such a policy.

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Yes people, homophobia and hate is alive and well in my community. I community I love, one where my children will be educated in a school with kids who have parents who think its okay to hurt people because they are different.

I had not heard anything about this until yesterday evening (my children are not school age yet) and was surprised to hear that there was this kind of reaction. When I turned on the local late news, the second story described the protests that had erupted at a recent school board meeting.

There they were, hiding their faces behind their little sad signs, saying that children, and teachers, who identify with a sexual orientation or gender outside the “norm”, don’t deserve protection from bullying and discrimination.

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One protester stated that she wanted her children “brought up in the natural way.” Another expressed concern that the school board was simply misplacing discrimination against one group against another. I didn’t know that laws against hate crimes had been repealed or that efforts to negate the efforts of those who hate and discriminate had suddenly become discrimination themselves.

I watched as a young teenage boy fought back tears as he stood in support of this policy against these bigots and cowards. A brave teacher spoke eloquently to the sadness that he felt towards these protesters who were telling the world that it is okay to bully and hate homosexual and transgendered people. Children.

The camera panned back to the group of parents who oppose this policy. One mostly made of up of conservatives and members of a local church, again hiding their faces behind their signs, asking to have their children left alone to become nice little heterosexuals who might hopefully throw some gay kids in a locker someday, or worse. They seem to be under the impression that allowing homosexuals and transgendered folks to live in peace means that the school board wants to promote sexuality of any kind or take over the moral tutelage of their children. Funny, I thought school was supposed to educate children.

I feel   angry because I feel that I cannot reason with people who believe “God hates Fags.” I feel angry because my child will be in their world, perhaps vulnerable to their hatred. I feel angry because God would be angry that so much love is felled in his name.

The only thing that comforts me is that my little girls will not feel this way, because I do not teach them to hate or believe that people are evil. I don’t believe in evil.  People may do evil things, but not for the reasons you may think. They know not what they do.

By the way, God hates your haircut, lobsters, zombies, and signs. All of us. So what’s the point?

Why not live your life, be happy, respect others, and mind your own business?

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