Are you grateful Momma?

Things have been a little tough lately. I thought I would take some time to focus on the things I am grateful for and put some good vibes out into the universe.

I was inspired by Alison at Mama Wants This, who was inspired by Leigh Ann at Genie in a Blog, and she told 2 friends, and so and so on.

So, here is my list. Please check out the other ladies too. They are grateful for some pretty amazing things.

1. Morning cuddles.

2. A great health care system where people don’t take phone calls during procedures.

3. My daughter’s big brown/blue eyes.

4. My fantastically patient and loving husband.

5. Great neighbours who drink wine/beer with me in the courtyard and listen to my troubles and bad jokes.

6. Twitter buddies who make me laugh, always.

7. Inanity.

8. Pancakes.

9. People who take the time to read my blog

10. My sister. Who is my best friend and I love very much. Thank you for being my sister.

What are you grateful for?



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