Write a letter Momma

A letter I wrote to Health Canada today:


Dear Health Canada,

I am writing to you to inquire about labeling guidelines.

We have just found out a young family member has a hormone-receptive variant of breast cancer. As a result we are trying to avoid products containing ingredients such as parabens, which mimic estrogen.

I have seen the 2004 study that found the presence of parabens in breast tumours. These findings have been dismissed because they did not also test paraben levels in normal tissue. As an academic, I do not find this a compelling argument to dismiss the entire study.

Due to the fact that parabens are present in so many products one also has to be concerned about aggregate exposure. “Unlikely to represent a human health hazard” is not the same as “does not” and I would like to make a decision myself about exposure to an unregulated product such a paraben.

I am wondering why a product such as Coppertone Water Babies is not required to list their non-medicinal ingredients. They are not listed on their website either. I am still waiting for a phone call from them.

Even though the Canadian government as not yet seen fit to regulate parabens (not unlike the situation with BPA), the public has taken it upon themselves (again) to do so. As a consumer, it is imperative that I have the right information about products so I may protect my family while we wait for the government to catch up.


Yours truly,




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