Lions, Tigers, & Bears… Life’s Lessons…

My girls and I spent the last 4 days with some of our wonderful friends at their cabin on the Sunshine Coast.

We had an amazing time and I cannot thank my amazing friends and neighbours for having us.

It was so nice to get away from home and spend some time in the woods and at the beach.

This is my new island. You can't come.

We saw some wildlife. Eagles, lots of crabs, starfish, a cheeky raccoon..

And, some bears.

3 of them to be exact.

Just down the beach, luckily separated from us by a large outcropping of rock, there was a lovely Momma bear and her two very very little cubs. It was both exciting and scary.

We watched as they played in the tall green grass and ran up and down the embankment in and out of the water.

My friend told me it was the first time they had never seen bears that close to the beach before. So, it must be me attracting them.


I blame my husband. He has a penchant for attracting and irritating animals.

To my knowledge he has been attacked by wild dogs, penguins, a bull, and god knows what else.

I think it might be the mustache and Tom Selleck good looks.

Luckily, we were not attacked by bears. They played quietly in our midst and then slowly ambled off to sleep or eat salmon berries presumably.

We lived to see another day.

The kids spent the rest of the trip collecting shells, rocks, and running around like maniacs in the woods.

There were no more bears to be seen, but they stay with you, close to the surface, behind your eyes. You wonder where they are, what they are doing, if they are okay, are they going to eat me…

Tomorrow night we are off again. This time to Prince Edward Island for a whole month. I wonder what we will see there…

I am linking up with Rachel at Life with Baby Donut for Life’s Lessons. You should too!

Life’s Lessons learned on this trip:

1. Bear spray only works if you get it up their nose, apparently. That seems too close to me.

2. Desert islands look fun and I think I want one. I will be taking applications for visitors. Maybe.

3. Crabs are fast and will bite you if you hold them too long. Ouch!

4. Don’t carry huckle berries in your pockets.

5. 4 children sleeping in a room together = No Sleep!

6. Boursin and Salsa is good together.

7. Beer tastes good at anytime of the day.

8. Little girls are silly.

9. I forgot how much I love being by the water. I need to do that more.

10. If you can survive a road trip with your kids, you can do anything!



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