Double Rainbow Momma

We are on vacation. Yippee!

We are in Prince Edward Island for a month. One long glorious month. There will be visits to in-laws in New Brunswick once my husband arrives, but for now, just here.

Days filled with sandy beaches, drive-in movies, lobster and mussels, walks on the boardwalk, Cow’s Ice Cream, hiding in the wheat, long picturesque drives in the countryside, and mosquito bites.


Yesterday we spent the day at the beach.

It is a beautiful day.

Humid, hot, perfect.

The water is cool, refreshing, and free of jellyfish, perfect.

The girls slide down the dunes on their bellies, pick shells and rocks, and fling themselves to the waves.

As I watch my little girls play in the sand and surf I picture my sister, brother, and I, doing the same, many years ago.

My sister and I swim out past the children and enjoy the water, together.

The same but different, grown, but still young.

Instead of thinking about sharks in the water, my sister’s beautiful bald head reminds me of a different monster lurking in the deep. But it is not in the water, it is inside her body.

I look back to shore and see my Little Em crying for me and Lala off playing with some new best friends she has made. They come together and Lala pats her head reassuringly and Little Em looks happy.

Happiness only a sister can bring.

A love that is so deep and old there is not much that can pierce it. Perhaps a thing or two during the hateful teenage years.

But here now, and beyond, fierce love that cannot be broken. Not by anything.

We swim back and gather the girls on our backs, we two sisters ferrying the younger ones, crashing up and down in the waves like maniacs.

The smile on my face hurts a little. Sand in too many places scratches.

Time to go. The kids are done.

Soon after we get home the sky opens.

Water sluicing psychotically out of a broken gutter is too much for me and I run out in the rain and wash away the sand. I drag Lala out with me, screaming and naked from the bath, and carry her to meet the end of the rainbow that has landed in the yard.

Little Em cowers inside, wondering why Momma has gone crazy. She peeks out and looks, “Double rainbow, Momma!”

I look closer and see the second faint band of colour.

A sister rainbow.

There really should be 2 of everything.

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