Merci Momma… {Thankful Thursday}

I love Thankful Thursdays.

It reminds me to take a moment, be grateful, and think about the good things in life.

I find that being grateful is far more powerful than being positive. I think there is far too much pressure for people to think positively all the time. It is not realistic and makes people feel like a failure or that they have brought bad things upon themselves, simply because they weren’t being positive enough.

So, screw positivity. Here is what I am thankful for today:

1. Little girls who sleep until 8:30 am

2. Rainy nights and sunny days

3. Cold Packs

4. Soft sand between my toes

5. Cold beer in frosty glasses

6. The internet

7. The Chick

8. Wet grass on the bottoms of my feet

9. Lobster (not yet, but soon)

10. Talking to old friends who I haven’t seen in years, but I still love and can’t wait to see.


What are you thankful for?




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