A Half-Curse: Wednesday Words of Wisdom {With New Linky!}

Fortune cookies are crap.

Pretty much everybody knows that. What most people don’t know is that they were invented by the Japanese and then popularized by Chinese Americans during the Japanese internment of World War II.

The original cookie, called omikuji, appeared in Kyoto, Japan and was based on a temple tradition of receiving random fortunes and was a far cry from the fortune cookie we see today. No one was opening an omikuji and shouting “In bed!” after their fortune.

The reasons I am telling you this are the two fortune cookies sitting on the table in front of me. We had “Chinese” food the other night and we forgot to open them.

Since I am currently the only person in the house who can read, they are mine!

I will give the cookie part to the kids though, I promise.

Double cookies mean double fortune (like a double rainbow). Right?


Here goes. First one:

"Knowledge of current events will help you... in bed." Hmm, doesn't work does it??

The original omikuji was a general blessing which could be a:

  • Great blessing
  • Middle blessing
  • Small blessing
  • Blessing
  • Half-blessing
  • Near-blessing
  • Near-small-blessing
  • Curse
  • Small curse
  • Half-curse
  • Near-curse
  • Great curse

Considering recent events in Norway and Africa I am going to have to classify this fortune as a Half-curse.

Thanks fortune cookie. Thanks a lot.



"Your sly nature will get you out of a tight spot... in bed" Uh oh, that doesn't sound good.

Yay! A Great blessing indeed!

I am very sly, except if it means that I have to tell a lie as I am a HORRIBLE liar.

I suppose its a good quality, but it didnt come in handy whilst trying to explain why I put my brother in the dryer.

I don’t find either of these fortunes particularly wise, but you never know. Maybe I will be in a tight spot where I will need to be sly and lie about current events. Sounds plausible, no?

Now, time for the fun part!

Wednesday Words of Wisdom

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