From the Mouths of Babes… {Wednesday Words of Wisdom w/ Linky}

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Children see the world in a completely different way than we do.

Unfettered by experience, stereotypes, expectations, and rules, they see what we can not.

A truth of sorts, a naked landscape of reality. We can learn a lot from them if we listen.


My girls have come up with a few nuggets of wisdom over the years.

In their words and observations I see many things about my children and the world.

Things I have forgotten. Things I have never seen. Strange things only a child would see or feel.

Things that have become buried beneath years of cynicism, pain, and the distance from the magic of life that comes with being a grown up.

I love that my children awaken these things in me.



There is wisdom in the musings of children, although it can be hard to spot at times.

In listening to the wisdom of my children, I have found they have much to teach us about:


1. Compassion

“That poor coyote never gets to eat, he sure looks hungry”

On Wile. E. Coyote


2. Curiosity

“Mom, if there were no humans with the dinosaurs, then where did the first humans come from if there weren’t any?”

On evolution


3. Humour

“How come you can’t cook a shark? ‘Cause it would eat the pan up!”

On sharks I guess

Photo credit: Ben Robinson


4. Riots

“Why did those people light fires anyway because the Canucks didn’t win? It’s just life.”

On the 2011 Stanley Cup riot

Photo credit: Rafferty Baker


5. Our place on this Earth

“Auntie Serra, Earth is like a big, round maze!”

On ??


6. Logic

“You’re famous Auntie! Because only famous people don’t buy food!”

On the lack of contents in my sister’s fridge

Photo credit: Maura Johnston


7. How To Get By

“Life is cruel and the only way to survive is to be as selfish as possible.”

Reflections on Goofy as Scrooge


8. Tact

“The doctor gave you medicine to make your hair look like a boy?”

On my sister’s beautiful bald head

Have you found any Words of Wisdom this week?

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