26 Days… {Leave the Nest Momma}

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26 days….

26 days until everything changes. Drastically.

No more sleeping in every morning with nowhere to be and nothing to do.

I have started to notice little things. Things that I used to think bothered me, that were annoying. Things I will miss…

26 days…

In honour of these last 26 days, here are 26 things I will probably miss:

Art. I probably won’t be making Art with my kids as much. Less mess I guess…

Bad Kitty. I can’t tell you anymore or you will think I’m a lunatic.

Cuddles in the morning, deep under the covers.

Disaster is just another word for Excitement

Everything! *SOB* (except poop and throw up… eff them)

Fingers squiggling under the door while I am trying to pee.

Girls. Silly, silly little girls.

Hugs. Squishy, sticky, gooey, hugs.

Igloos. We never did have one, but it would have been nice. Now, I’ll never have the chance.

Joy. I will still lots of Joy, but my access will be limited… ;c(

Knavery & Princesses. The girls favourite game.

Lala & Little Em. I will miss seeing their little faces all day long.

Mortal Combat. Though the fighting is irritating, its not boring…

Neighbours that I hang out with all day. Will you miss me?

Oreos for lunch. What?!?

Pee. Wait. Nope. Won’t miss all that pee… Poop, not you either…

Quality Time. It used to come so easy. Attention & perhaps phone calls will be required.

Rabid Bad Kitty. I can’t talk about that either.

Sleep. Oh sleep, I will miss you the most.

Tormenting my girls playing Hide-and-Scare-the-Shit-out-of-You. I’ll have to keep it to weekends.

Underwear on head, on ground, in purse, who knows where….I enjoy the chase…

Vacations during the week, any time we want…Sigh…

Waffles. I will miss not making waffles from scratch.

Xebec. I don’t what to say about you. Its been nice ride…

Yelling. All day, yelling. Oh wait, I won’t miss that one either.

Zaniness. So much crazy fun. I can’t wait to see what special brand of zany the Fall will bring.

*This is another installment in my Leave the Nest Momma series. For the month of August I will be posting about my imminent return to work and school.

** If you are in the same position or would like to share your experiences about leaving the nest please contact me at amountainmomma @ gmail.com. I would love to feature your story here.

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