Things Momma learned on vacation {Wednesday Words of Wisdom}

The vacation isn’t over yet.
Being on vacation with small children takes street smarts, patience, and a lot of bribes candy.
In order to survive the remaining 6 days I have compiled some tidbits of wisdom that I think probably apply to everyone.


Please read carefully:


-Do not put your head inside the canon.

Lala found broken glass in one and Little “Em said there were, “Red shiny eyes” inside another.


-Don’t tease the mussels.


This particular mussel jumped out of the bowl and came after me after that shot. Also, I’m pretty sure it was responsible for some intestinal discomfort I felt later.
[vsw id=”F5jV00yd5YA” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


-Get Poppa to pull the wagon.


Those little girls are heavy. I swear they eat rocks when I’m not looking.


-When going through old photos, resist the urge to post them on Twitter.
Now, everyone wants a dress like mine. My poor mother will be sewing for a year!
{Stasha, yours will be ready soon. I still don’t know what to do about Jacqui‘s wedding gown…}


Dead Man’s Pond is probably not bottomless.
I won’t be finding out for sure because I’m scared certain it is not bottomless, therefore it would be a pointless endeavour.
Wednesday Words of Wisdom

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