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My Dad and I {1973}

My Dad has never been one for following trends.

When his friends were out causing trouble, he was home meticulously working on model airplanes. When folks were embracing city living, he and my mother became back-to-the-landers. When it made sense for my mother to go back to work, he stayed home with the kids.

I remember many fun and crazy days at home with my Dad.

I am so lucky to have such a great father who played with us, encouraged our imaginations, inspired the writer in me, and one who loves us unconditionally.

I have asked him to write something for my Leave the Nest Momma Series.

I am very proud to have my Dad contribute to my blog.

Welcome Dad!



The Original Mr. Mom

Wendell Hughes

It was the fall of 1978, the kids were ages 1 , 3, and 5.


Their mother was starting university full time and we lived on an acreage 27 miles from the city with two klunker cars to drive. Their mother had been taking night classes, so university was not jumping in the deep end, but farming out 3 kids was, for both of us.

All summer, the kids had been sun-browned sand fleas at the beach, picking berries, feeding chickens, playing with cats, and running in the woods.

I was worried about the kids being traumatized because they hadn’t really socialized a lot with other kids.

However, I’ll never forget the second morning. I was lighting the wood stove and making pancakes, while the girls sat singing a song they learned in daycare:

“The wipers on the bus go swish, swish, swish” as their hands made the motions of windshield wipers.

They couldn’t wait to start their day, neither could their mother, who launched right into her studies, and was obviously a happier person. We were lucky with a string of gentle maritime winters, which otherwise could have been miserable.

It turned out a win-win situation for mother, and the kids.

And it was fun.



Thanks Dad! I love that you contributed to this series.

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