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I am so pleased to have Bruna from Bees With Honey as Guest PostHer today as part of my Leave the Nest Momma series.


Bruna hosts the fabulous Let’s Bee Friends linkup every Friday and every other Monday she highlights educational issues in parenting in her Mama Teach Us series.

Bruna is an amazing blogger and I am always amazed by the depth of her posts and her cheerful take on life. She lives somewhere in Vancouver, so when I get home from my trip I plan on pestering tracking her down for a Mini BlogHer Vancouver Style!

Bruna, thank you so much for contributing to Leave the Nest Momma.

I have so much anxiety, excitement, and other crazy emotions about going back to work.  It is so nice to hear from other moms who have gone through this and survived!

Please help me welcome Bruna to my blog. Once you have read her post here, make sure you check out her blog. It is beautiful, smart, and lovely, just like her.


When Theresa invited me to be a guest on her blog, I was both honoured and excited. She asked me to write about my experience of being a Mom and going back to work.  So here is my story …


Come September, every year, I have mixed feelings about going back to work. Fortunately for me, I only work part-time. I teach first grade but job share the position with a colleague and friend.  My mixed feelings combine a love for the two months of Summer I’m able to be home full-time with the kids, the excitement for getting back to teaching and a little bit of me missing the full-time career I use to have before we were blessed with our last child, Little H.

Up until Little H was born, I was teaching full-time. When Little H came along, we knew that my days of full-time were over.  Balancing a full-time career along with being a wife and a mother to three wonderful girls is far from easy and that’s just my opinion of course.  After much contemplation, Hubby and I decided that the extra money just didn’t trump getting to be with the girls while they grow up. In saying this, by no means am I making a judgement on other parents who choose to work full-time and place their children in childcare full-time. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and up until my third child, I did the same. Once Little H came along, things changed for hubby and I and as much as we knew we would miss the extra money, we really wanted for one of us to be there for our girls more than just before and after work.  Being the teacher and having the more flexible job, there was no question it would be me.  Big home renovations, fine dining, extravagant purchases and deluxe vacations would just have to go on hold for a while. Being home with the girls as much as possible while they’re young is way more important to us right now.

The Benefits of Being a Part-Time Career Mom AND a Part-Time Stay-At-Home-Mom.

  1. I spend half my week at home with the girls. I get to bring them and pick them up from school. When two are off to school, I get to spend quality time with the little one.  It’s amazing how different your kids can be when you get to be with them one on one.
  2. The half of the week I’m home with them, I schedule play-dates for the girls and plan little outings for us to go on like trips to the local library to get new books to read.
  3. Being home for half of the week allows me to attend parties, events and fieldtrips through the school the girls attend. I never feel like I miss out on anything school related. It’s wonderful.
  4. The week I spend at work makes me feel important and valued in a different kind of way. It allows me to do the other thing I love in my life, besides being a mom, which is being a teacher.
  5. Teaching part-time allows me to get my fill of the students I love to work with and learn new things from them.  Believe it or not, spending time with other people’s children only makes me miss and value my kids more. I’m always excited to see them at the end of the day.
  6. Teaching part-time allows me to bring new ideas, activities and books home to share with the girls. They love it when I come home and tell them I have something fun for them to do or try.
  7. Working outside of the home part-time gives me the interaction I need with other adults.  I value the relationships I have with my colleagues because of this. To me, they are my family away from home and when I’m away from home I really enjoy interacting with grown-ups and having adult conversations.
  8. Working outside of the home part of the week also gives me the other half of the week to run errands, clean house and do a few of the things I love like reading and blogging.  These two things usually get pushed aside until the kids are put to bed but once they’re asleep, the computer is mine!  That is, until hubby kicks me off or whines that I’m ignoring him. *Sigh* There’s always someone who needs us, isn’t there?

I wouldn’t change anything about our situation right now. It has been working successfully for the last two years. I don’t see myself going back to work full-time for a long time. With my youngest being only three years old, I still have a while of her and the other girls needing me around. Maybe once they become more independent, I will consider substitute teaching on my home days or maybe I’ll go back to school to complete a Master’s in Education. Who knows? I’ve also been thinking about starting up my own business. As far as I can see, the world is my oyster and as long as hubby and I aren’t missing the extra money and enjoying our time with the girls, life is good.


Theresa, I want to thank you dearly for welcoming me as a guest on your blog today. I really enjoyed writing this post for you today and I hope that, in some way, helps you or other Moms who are making that transition from being home with your babe to the work world again.  Wishing you all the best!



Thank you Bruna!

You are so lucky to be able to balance a bit of both right now.

I am looking forward to the grown-up time I will get. Maybe I will even have lunch with one of these elusive creatures we call “grown-ups.”

I am not looking forward to taking my 3 year old to daycare full-time. But, I hope my flexible schedule will allow a late morning and early pickup here and there.


Tune in next Monday for my next Guest PostHer, Jamie from Chosen Chaos. Not only is she an amazing blogger, she is the latest Lovelinks WINNER!

Congrats Jamie!



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