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I’m so happy to have Jamie from Chosen Chaos as Guest PostHer for Leave the Nest Momma today! 


Jamie is a new mommy on the blog scene with four children under the age of four, including 7 month old twins. She touches on all subjects, even the uncomfortable ones with an air of humor.

I love Jamie’s open and honest approach to talking about her kids, her fears, and everything else.

Jamie is sending her oldest off to school soon and she has written a letter for him. It is very sweet, honest, and wise.

Please help me welcome Jamie to my blog!

Welcome Jamie!!!!


Dear Joe

Tomorrow is a big day for you.  It’s a really big day for me.  I’ve thought over the last couple of weeks if I’m making too much of this.  Sometimes I think probably, other times I don’t really care.  The thing is you are my biggest baby boy and I’m not quite ready to give you up to our faltering schools.  I have more things to say, more things to do, more things to screw up even!  Yes I know you’ll be gone for less than 5 hours each day, which is less than the amount of time I left you when I went back to work.  But this seems so permanent and so real and so big.  And so scary.

Here are some things I would tell you if I thought you’d understand.  You are a processor and I wouldn’t want you worrying/processing about these words for days on end (remember when Boomer died and you kept thinking we were saying ‘dived’.  Finally one day last summer you asked why we wanted you to learn to dive so much when it meant you couldn’t be with us anymore.  Break. My. Heart.)

First, I have high expectations for you.  Nana and Daddy have even told me that they are too high at times.  They are most definitely right.  I don’t know why.  I don’t know where it comes from.  I do know that you have always met them.  You have always answered my call.  So I’m sorry if I’ve hurt your feelings or made you feel sad because of this.  I will try to do better.

Second, I would rather you be the person making the bad choices because they are YOUR bad choices than the person making the bad choices because you are following someone ELSE’s bad choices.  I am not raising that other person and their choices.  I am raising you and your choices.  I obviously prefer good choices but do anticipate some bad ones too.  When they are bad I want to them to be YOUR bad choices.

Third, girls are gross.  With your sisters and me you have enough girls in your life to last you a few years.  Some day you will find your Babe (and I’m sorry it can’t be me, even though you asked with such good manners.)

Fourth, when you are gone I miss you and think about you the WHOLE time.  Even though when you are here and you ask me to play with you 1,000 times and 990 of those times I usually say no for some very good (yea right) reason.  When you leave I wish you would come back and ask again and that time I would say yes.

Finally (but certainly not all,) when I thought of having babies and children I never thought about the part where you worry if they are happy.  I thought about diapers and sleep and sand and college and weddings and chaos.  I never knew that I would worry/wonder/question about the happiness part.  Are you happy?  Do you feel loved and safe and smart and secure?  Before the last flutter of your eyes at night do you think about how Mommy was mad at you for not going to sleep or do you think about me reading you your favorite story, scratching your back, and singing you our song?  Daddy insists its the latter but how does he know?  Daddy is usually right, but lets not tell him, OK?

I know you are going to be so good at this next step.

Thank you for being my first and for loving me anyway.

Good luck at school tomorrow buddy.  Mama loves you.


Thank you so much for participating in Leave the Nest Momma, Jamie!

I love this letter you have written your son.

Girls ARE gross and I think telling him to do his own bad things is the best darn advice I have EVER heard.

Please make sure you visit Jamie over at Chosen Chaos and don’t forget to vote for a Jamie over at Parents.com for Best All-Around Mom Blog because she rocks the Casba big time!

My oldest is off to kindergarten in a few short weeks. I love this idea of writing a letter to your child. Not only does it give you an outlet for your feelings, but it gives you a chance to explore your expectations and fears.

What if they don’t make friends?

What if they don’t miss me? :c(

Do any of you have little ones starting school this year? How do you feel about it?



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