Get Ready to Leave the Nest Momma….

Yesterday, I took the girls to the lake.

It was beautiful and sunny and blue and hot. And perfect, aside from the recently noticed defect in the rear end of my bathing suit.

I wonder how long I have been bending over collecting shovels and what-not, unknowingly flashing fellow beach-goers a far too intimate glimpse of my derriere.

Hopefully not too long ;c(

I love ending my week by linking up with Life’s Lessons with Rachel at Life with Baby Donut.

Here is what I learned this week:

1. Check your bathing suit regularly for tears and see-throughs in sensitive areas. Please do it. If not for yourself, for the rest of us.

2. Crying in your friend’s kitchen can be the best thing you did all week.

3. Bringing that friend jam ensures you are comfortable to come back and cry again.

4. You should drink yummy Raspberry liqueur laced drinks after crying.

5. If your schedule for September looks like this:

 then make sure you have lots of this:

and you don’t cry in your friend’s kitchen too much so she will bring you more as she is your source for said liquor.

6. In order to prevent leaving the nest, you should have good friends write convincing blog posts to sway you to change your mind. Please check back Monday to read a post of this persuasion by the not-sweet-or-nice Jacqui from Chicktution.

7. Going to the beach/lake/water-park as much as possible makes your house very dirty, but your kids very happy and tired.

8. Walking cute puppies after the kids go to bed is a great way to wind down, watch the sunset, meet new neighbours. You also get to watch a lot of bum sniffing, which can good or bad, depending on whether you like your dog to like your face, ever.

9. You should finish what you started and make that ass-shrinking machine or Jessica and Jacqui will flame you on Twitter.

10. Friends, nice husbands, great sisters, humpy puppies, and nice weather make everything better. Always.

What did you learn this week?

Go link up with Rachel and let us know!

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