Go to school, Momma! {WWW}

Today was Day 2 of Grad School.

O.M.G. Grad School!


Lala went for her orientation for Kindergarten.

O.M.G. Kindergarten!


Little Em is on Day 4 of Daycare.

O.M.G. Daycare!


I am very tired after 2 days of waking the girls up early and shuffling everyone off to here and there. I have cried thinking about Lala navigating the halls of kindergarten and Little Em holding her own in daycare.

Cried more than once.

Okay, lots.

However, I had a pretty big frickin smile on my face yesterday. I met some of my new classmates, went to class, had lunch with a friend, went to the bookstore, tramped all over campus. I was hot and tired and busy. And it was awesome.

For all the crying and adjusting to this new era of our lives, I know we will all be the better for it.

These are my Words of Wisdom for myself on this fine Wednesday.

What are yours?

Today is Wednesday Words of Wisdom. Link up your posts or share any wisdom found/needed in the comment section below.

Wednesday Words of Wisdom



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