Turkey Pie Recipe… sort of…

What do mean, "Pie"???

I wanted to write something to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my American buddies.

After watching her VlogTalk this week for The Kids Are Talking Turkey, where Jessica wonders WTF is Turkey Pie I decided I would share my recipe with you.


Does everyone not know what Turkey Pie is?


So, this is a  “Thank You” to all my favourite Yankees!

Wonderful ladies like:

Jessica, for all her hillarious videos of her kids…

Jacqui, who sends me mugs and secret messages while I am having mammograms…

Sue, who felt her boobies for me

And, to all the rest of you! xoxoxo





Here is my recipe for Turkey Pie.



1. Go to someone’s house who is cooking a turkey. Make them give you the carcass. Use force if necessary.

2. Make your husband boil the shit out that carcass until you have nice broth and meat.

3. Make your husband pick out all the bones. Withhold sex if necessary.

4. Drink some wine, cut up vegetables if there is no one around you can force to do it instead and throw them in the pot. Add a little salt or chicken stock if the liquid needs some flavour. Wine works too.

5. Keep cooking it until the liquid has almost all evaporated. Add a bit of flour to thicken it up.

6. Drink more wine.

7. Make kids peel and boil potatoes if they are old enough. If not, cash in blackmail materials on neighbours and have them do it.

8. Send husband to store to buy a pie shell. Drink wine while he is gone. Send kids home to play with neighbours.

9. Mash up potatoes and cook pie shell half-way.

10. Pour contents of pot into pie shell. Put mashed potatoes on top and sprinkle some Parmesan or other sprinkly cheese on top. Bake until top is brownish. Tell everyone you made it.

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