A year for Momma…


The theme (firsts for 2011!!) for Monday Listicles this week comes from Bridget over at Twinisms.

This has been a pretty crazy year. There have been a lot of things that happened for the first time. Some of them hopefully never happen again. Others were amazing and I can’t wait for more.  Here is my list of firsts for 2011:

1. I was accepted into graduate school.

2. I bought my first home that will have my name on the deed!

3. My little girl Lala lost her first tooth.

4. I taught my first university class, as a teaching assistant that is.

5. I danced in a bathroom.

6. I spent an entire day (several of them!) by myself for the first time in 6 years!

7. I let a doggie lick my face. Wouldn’t you? He is soooo cute!

8. I got my first A in grad school! (hopefully not my last!)

9. I spent my last Christmas in my home for the first time (WHAT??).

10. I made a new best friend whom I have never met before (double WHAT??)


What did you do for the first time this year?? Link up with Stasha at Northwest Mommy and let us know!

As for next week, I have the grand honour of coming up with a theme to ring in the New Year. I have decided we should write about New Year Resolutions that YOU WILL NOT KEEP, but feel like you should add to your list anyways.

There is also a WILDCARD option to write about whatever you want. This is really only to irritate Jacqui and cleverly creates a situation where she will be following the theme no matter what she writes about.

Clever no?!?



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