Don’t do it, Momma…

I had the pleasure of coming up with the topic for Monday Listicles this week!

Obviously it had to be New Yearsy and have a crazy twist, otherwise it just wouldn’t be me.

I decided we should write about all the New Years Resolutions we feel we have to make, but will NEVER keep.

I can’t wait to read what the rest of you came up with, here are mine:

1. I will lose weight….. If I lose weight it will be by complete accident. I will do nothing to actually make this happen.

2. I will go to the gym 3 times a week… Bahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. I will drink less and only on weekends…. Give up the Sanity Sauce? Are they nuts??

4. I will use my time more productively and not read The Hunger Games in the bathroom or watch Mad Men/True Blood when I supposed to be studying… Now if I could pull this one off I WOULD get all A’s!

5. I will stop wearing black all the time… Why would I do that? Red makes me look like a big apple and brown makes me look like a… well… you know…

6. I will work more on my writing… Sadly, unless I find a way to invent time this will not happen anytime soon. Moving, kids, grad school, sanity preservation all get in the way…

7. I will read more books and watch less Storage Wars… But, how would I know what Barry was up to or if Jarrod stopped acting like a macho A-Hole?? How??

8. I will stop cutting my kids bangs… I really should stop doing this, but everyone likes the bowl cut, no?

These last two I actually hope I CAN do…

9. I will stop getting so stressed out about, well, everything… I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…

10. I will try not to yell at my kids so much… I hate yelling and I think it usually has more to do with me being stressed out, so this makes overcoming #9 imperative!!

Now, go link up with Stasha and tell us what you won’t be doing this year!

Happy New Year!!




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