Are you a lady, Momma?

For all the hate I have for stats, I still love being back in school.  I have decided to focus my degree on social inequities in health and along with my Spanish class, I am taking a theory class.

My mind bends in this class. Bends in a good way.

Lately we have been discussing sex and gender, what these categorizations mean and how they are defined. One thing we discussed is the creation of the sexes, all two of them. How we have decided by and large to only classify humans based on their reproductive roles. And for the most part, how women are different from men.

Is this useful? Soooo many discussions and classifications emerge from looking at difference. But you must ask yourself: Different from what? What is the standard here?

I am curious what other people think: I our separation of the human species into 2 sexes, 2 genders, is so entrenched it is almost impossible to see beyond.

What about people who are born with both types of sex organs? Or none? Or somewhere in between? What about people who don’t tow the gender norm line and fall somewhere outside the two pigeon-holes?

Is being a man or woman all we are capable of? Why don’t we classify ourselves as humans first?

What do you think? Is your brain getting bendy too?

I may need wine….




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