What have you been doing, Momma?

Since I have been out of the loop for awhile, I thought a good way to ease myself back into to writing would be making a list for Stasha for Monday Listicles.

I know, its not Monday…

I know, this list has nothing to do with the 10 things you wish you could delete, although I can think of many.

If I were going to write about things I would delete (which I am not) it would probably be things like:

1. The time I read my Grade 6 best friend’s diary.

2. The scar on my right leg.

3. The memory of the dead baby chick I found in an egg.

Wait, this is not a post about things I would delete. Crap…

This list is supposed to be a What-The-Heck-I’ve-Been-Doing-Lately-Instead-of-Blogging List…

I digress…

4. I received a visit from the Fairy Hobmother! Yes People! He is real!

I heard about the Fairy Hobmother a few months ago and didn’t really think it was real. If you comment here on my blog, you might get a visit too.

He left me a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate under my pillow in my inbox. If the fairy doesn’t visit you soon, you could start following him on Twitter here.

5. I have been digging up my patio and replacing the sad, failed and hopeful grass with paving stones and a small garden.

6. I am still reveling in my moderate success in statistics.

For all the complaining and bitching I did, I ended up with an A-.

A stats miracle if there ever has been one.

7. We bought a used kitchen island from Craigslist and I don’t know what color to paint it.

 [formidable id=4 title=true]

8. Getting ready to go to Fiji for a month. Yippee!!!

9. Eating bon bons and watching Y&R Working on cleaning out my garage.

10. Enjoying my freedom from school. I am free until September. Yippee!!!

Happy Monday Tuesday Everyone!




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