A month in Fiji… Game on…

The girls and I am are in Fiji again for a month. It is lovely here and we are staying in a bungalow right on the water.
We snorkel almost every day and I am impressed at how good the girls have gotten in the water after just a week!

The girls had a couple of little playmates for the first few days, but they were only visiting for short time and had to head back to Tasmania.
Lala said it was the worst day of her life the day her friend Callum left. *sob *

Since there are no children to play with currently, except each other, the girls have come up with a few games to play while we are here.

Things to do in Fiji…

1. Throw the coconut: Gather as many fallen baby coconuts as you can. Throw them in various fashion to see how far it will go. Try not to hit mother or sister in face.

2. Hermit Crab Habitat: Find as many hermit crabs as you can. Store them in your momma’s  dress and then laugh when she discovers they have pooped on her. Make a hole in sand for crabs to live in. Fight with sister about who will babysit the crabs and keep them from escaping your smothering love. Cry lots, blow nose on shirt.

3. Find the Sea Worm: Walk around at low tide and every time you sea a seaworm scream, “SEA WORM!!!”

4. Pool Rescue: Run out first thing in the morning and check the pool for wayward toads and crabs. Make momma rescue them. Laugh when she squeals underwater.

5. “Live” Water Show: Dead horse washes up on beach in front of your hut. Ask lovely maintenance man George to move horsie along at high tide. Sit on sand, try not to cry.

6. Horsie Funeral: Invite horsies from dead horsie’s village to come visit. Watch them stand there for 45 minutes** thinking about their friend.

**Two horses came along the day after the dead horse was on the beach in front of our bungalow. They stood in the sand about 5 feet from where the horse had lain and just stood there for almost an hour. Just looking at the sand, looking sad.

7. Count the Rainbows:  How many rainbows do you see?

8. Chase the Birdies/Toads/Scorpions/Crabs: Chase various animals (extra points for squishing scorpions and heading animals in other people’s huts).

Game on People! How is your summer going?

Happy Monday Listicles!




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