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We are on vacation in Prince Edward Island!


Only for 2 weeks, but after being away from home for a month in Fiji, it will be nice to get home.

Last Friday we spent the day with my father. My girls have been so looking forward to seeing him and his canoe.

We took the canoe out in St. Peter’s Harbour, close to where I grew up as a child.

I was amazed at how much the landscape has changed. The beach had been reclaimed by crab grass and the shallow waters off the coast are choked with seaweed and more grass.

When I was a kid we would play here all the time. Swimming and searching for sandy spots, havens ‘mongst the sharp crab grass.

We rowed to the substantial sandbar, which now reaches almost to the other side of the bay.

I had yet fed the girls lunch and had forgotten put bathing suits on the girls, so it was time for peanut butter sandwiches in the sand and swimming au-naturel.

Dad and I jumped in in our clothes. Luckily, our shirts remained on shore and were put to good use afterwards in the absence of towels.


After we were dry enough to carry on, we took the canoe over to the other side of the bay to have a closer look at the wharf.

My dad used to work here when I was a kid. I always loved the little shanties. I remember thinking they looked like misplaced teeth, settled on the shore.



Such a great day. So glad my camera (er, my mother’s camera) didn’t fall into the water.

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