Wednesday Words of Wisdom/Wordless Wednesday: “Choices” for girls and boys…

I am getting so tired of the restrictions we put on our children. How we actively police their gender.


Girls are supposed to have long hair.

Boys are supposed to be tough.

Girls are supposed like pink unicorns and rainbows.

Boys are supposed to like dinosaurs and trucks.

boys and girls pjs

My oldest picked out some green/brown winter boots this year. Upon her second day of wearing them, two of her friends informed her that she was wearing “boy boots.”


She told them there was no such thing. But, I know, it hurt her a little. Constrained her a little. Made her rethink her choice.

I wonder if she would make the same choice again…

When I went to buy my girls pajamas the other day, I found the choices I show above. A girl paired with the passive strawberries and hearts pajamas, a boy with the strong and tough dinosaurs.

What does this tell our kids? About what they can and should like, or become?

I feel for the little boys who do not want to be tough and strong, or can’t….

I feel for the little girls who want so much more than to just wear pink and cook and clean…

I wonder if people think I should have taken Lala’s boots back to buy some pink ones…

I wonder when we will stop perpetuating these roles for our children, set and sorted before they are even born. Before they have even chosen their gender.

I wonder when we will open, and start accepting those children who are not born female or male, and make a place for them in this world.

I wonder…



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