A Lonely Momma

Life can be lonely.

Lonely because of a lack of people.

Lonely because there are too many.


I have felt lonely many times in my life. Mostly due to the reasons above.

However, loneliness surfaces in my life as of late for different reasons.

I have come to realize that the status quo is killing us. Killing people, killing our planet, and with these deaths, our humanity.

Compassion, conscience, civilized, and conscious. What’s the point, when so many of us live beyond what the earth has to offer? When so many of us live cosy in our homes, while we step over people living on the street. Sleeping on the sidewalk, or perhaps dead and no one has stopped to check.

We live in a world where our children have their gender, and thus their very identity, predetermined before they even open their eyes and take their first breath. An identity that all too often means our female children are worth less and suffer both physically and mentally. An identity that means many children are left out if they cannot check one of the two boxes we have deemed normal, and left to suffer.

We live in a world where the colour of one’s skin, one’s education, one’s income or class, or which ever silly side of an imaginary line one happens to live on, greatly determines how long you will live and how bearable that life will be.

I think about these things, as many others do. I speak out and do what I can to make visible these inequities and do my best to not be a part if the problem.

To not play the game.

It’s not always easy or possible, but I do my best.

And it can be a lonely place.

Discussion boards and commentary full of statements about the feminist whiners, bleeding heart liberals, communist socialist bitch, dismissive and uncaring words.

I’ve heard and read them all…

And yet, I still do my best to see the suffering and sadness that might be behind such statements. Such hate and coldness, such disconnect from one another as humans. It comes from some where.

It can be a lonely place, but there are many who feel the same.

And, we are getting stronger.

Perhaps change is coming…




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