Winter Leaves… #iPPP


It has been gray and dark here in Vancouver. A few days of sunshine whilst lazing about in Hawaii has inspired me to create some beauty in my home to counteract the drudgery of winter.

So, I found this old pot…


And, I had this lovely plant in an an equally ugly pot…


So, I found some lovely red paint and tackled my ugly pot…


The leaves and edge of the pot were not glazed, so the paint only adhered to those parts. All I had to do after the paint was dry was wash the pot with water and scrub the edges a little with a paint brush.

Taaa Daaa!!


So, I took my lovely plant out of its ugly pot, replanted in my newly painted planter. Added some red mulch on top and the results were great!


I liked the end result so much, I decided to draw something that was similar to the pattern on the planter…


I love drawing, but haven’t been doing very much of it lately. I found a large pad of paper and just started drawing leaves. To represent the pot, I drew a small circle off to one side that the stems seem to flow out of. I loved the red on the planter so much, I found a pencil crayon in the same colour and started filling in my picture.


I loved the smooth circular lines and design that came out of this. I always find the act of creating has so much to offer in terms of philosophy about life. I made choices about colour, texture, made mistakes and had to stick with them if I was to save my efforts. I learned a lot about the mixing of the mediums I was using and will take this knowledge to my next project. In the end, a very satisfying way to spend my evenings.

And here, is the finished product… All I need is a frame and somewhere to hang it. Pics to follow…


It’s funny how I seem go through times of passivity, where I feel like I am soaking it all in.  Observing, waiting, watching…

Guess I have been kicked back into active mode. Lets see what else is roaming around inside…





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