Not Buying It: Todddler T-Shirts at Walmart.


Saw these shirts at Walmart today in the toddler section.

No doubt a play on the new royal prince George and the Walmart brand, which as luck would have it, is called George.

The message here is that the ambition for our little girls is to marry a rich powerful man ( preferably a prince), while boys must/have to aspire to be kings.

No pressure.

Is this what we want for our kids?

Walmart thinks so…


Updated: My letter to Walmart

I came across two t-shirts in your toddlers section today. The one for girls says, “One day I’m going to marry Prince George” in pink letters, and the shirt for boys says, ” George. Fit for a King” in blue letters.

So, the message is that girls should aspire to marry George, while boys can just sit back and wait to be King, or feel pressured that they have to live up to this kind of powerful image.

To say this is problematic would be an understatement. How is it in this day and age, companies such as Walmart are producing this kind of product, for our young children no less.

I respectfully request that you remove these shirts from stores immediately.





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