Some thoughts on Slutoween…

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**Are costumes like this slutty?**

My awesome friend sent me this article by Jenny Witte today, appearing on the Huff Post Parents page: Just Say No to Slutoween.

The article is about sexualized Halloween costumes for little girls…. and sluts…

I really like this article and the message Jenny is trying to get across, which is, let’s teach our children to make good choices and not buy this kind of garbage… But I don’t like her use of the word slut.

…the slutty cat

…the slutty version

… slutty fur trimmed cat costumes

…and of course the title, Slutoween

I wonder, why are these Halloween costumes slutty?

Inappropriate? Yes!

Hypersexualized? Yes!

But, slutty? Who says?

I was still under the impression that people can wear what they want. Haven’t we done this argument to death? Does wearing one of these costumes make one a slut? Are we back to asking for it if we wear slutty attire?

What is a slut anyway?

For me, the term slut is inherently moralistic and judgmental. When we use this term we are making a value judgement about the person in relation to their sexuality.

I don’t want to dress up my little girls like they are older than they are and sexualize them. But, I also don’t want to continue having dialogue like this that blames women and girls for flaunting their sexuality.

That these costumes are bad because they are slutty.

The companies that make these costumes are ones doing something wrong, not the people wearing them.



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