Am I too serious? Pshaw… Well, maybe…

A few days ago I was talking with my husband about my blog. A place he has never visited, literally or figuratively. I try not to write about him and keep my thoughts to my own experiences and those of my children (anonymously) from time to time.

Well, except for the time with the jam… and the masks


I did say, try not to write about him.

Anyways, this blog post is not about him, it is about something he said. So, its sort of about him, but not really, so don’t tell him… 🙂

He is worried about my online presence and my sometimes “radical” views, that it would get me into trouble. I told him I try to share my perspective in respectful, yet firm and pissed off manner.

“You don’t even know how I write.” I say…

“I’m sure it is great, satirical and relevant, just like you” he replies.

And then I wondered… is it?

Relevant, always I hope. Satirical, most of the time… but how about lately?

Lately I feel more serious and I began to wonder if that is a bad thing. I do feel serious about the things I share, gender equality, have choices, for women to be treated like human beings, for men to be able to be what they want to be, for everyone else in between to be whoever they want… These are serious things, important things, to me anyway, and hopefully to you dear reader.

Serious or not serious, it is what it is I suppose.

This is my blog.

My little online place where I nebulously exist, never here nor there, editable at all times, and hopefully, a bit satirical from time to time.



PS, stay tuned for my next serious satirical blog post, “Is your traditional marriage ruining our chance for equality?”



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