Letter of the Week: Goddess Girls & Heroes in Training


Dear Suzanne Williams,

Because my daughter loved your Goddess Girls books, I thought I would take the time to write to you and let you know why we won’t be reading your books anymore. When I saw your sister series, Heroes in Training, I was appalled.

When you look at these two series side by side, the girls are gossipy, boy crazy, silly girls, while the boys are heroes in training, a serious endeavour. What a pointlessly gendered approach to story telling. I was so disappointed to see they way your books separate boy and girl gods and attribute such different characteristics to them.

This kind of gendering of boys and girls is very harmful and is part of the societal machine that creates these false difference between boys and girls in the first place. Too bad, kids really like the Greek Gods and stories for kids, and I am not the only parent who is critical of the way books like this represent boys and girls.

Best, Theresa and Ella



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